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      The pair rode slowly up to her, the gentleman bending slightly toward the lady, and talking in a low tone, she listening with eyes slightly downcast, and with a faint smile curving her proud lips. It was evident, even to Esmeralda, that they were absorbed in each other, and regardless of everything going on around them; and she was not surprised when both horses, ridden with a loose rein, started and reared at a dog which ran suddenly across the ride.Esmeralda shook her head.

      She paused on the threshold of the room, as if she feared she was intruding; but at a sign from Trafford, as the three men rosefor the duke would rather have died in his chair than remain seated when a lady entered the roomshe came forward, and offered her cheek to Trafford and Lord Selvaine.ROYALTY AT DINNER.

      Eh! What! Then Athalie will never be played any more; that masterpiece will be lost to the French stage!




      "Why, of course, you will see her married, whether she be married in Rome or at Trelasco. That is no argument."